Sep. 25th, 2013

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So sometimes I feel in the mood to poke my original characters.  This is for an unspecified urban fantasy world of mine, where I basically have a ton of different characters and their own stories whom I can pretend are all co-existing in the same world.  A fairly alarming number of them come from dreams.  I think the progenitor story is well over a decade old by now.  Apparently I had this idea almost exactly three years ago!  And it decided it wanted to be poked at today.   It's more character building than anything else, a little slow exploration.

And what might be a recruitment.

I kind of love that while I had the character concept in mind before, she wasn't actually a person with any sort of details until I started putting words together.  Then it comes out that she's named Rhea, is a plump twenty-something mixed race woman of indeterminate queerness, rooming with a cheerful morning person Asian girl she met in college.  These things happen.

Also in this universe are, notably, the blind arbiter, the okashira maitre'd and the restaurant ninjas, the journeyman sorcerer and the unicorn,  the reality-challenged Seer, the changeling child and his foster-fae counterpart, and even possibly a very disgruntled accountant.  (The sorcerer waits tables at the ninja restaurant for cash, the arbiter judges cases from the police detectives who may or may not be a Pixie and Minotaur, no one wants to admit to being even distantly related to the accountant but possibly the organization he encounters has tendrils that reach into all of the above.  Certainly they'd be happy to employ one misplaced unicorn from Summer. *jazzhands*  It's all connected!)


The Blind Arbiter )



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