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Guess what I did this evening!  :D  I wrote out the premise and breakdown of Odin's Children~  I am so ashamed that ALMOST NONE OF THIS made it through in the webcomic before it shut down.  So much world-building.  So much.

None of this is discussing what happens directly in the story, but it does bring us up to speed with where the story starts from.  The backstory would obviously be released much more slowly in story, rather than info-dumping like this.  In the same vein, I also did a run-through of stats and bios for a bunch of the mains who came to mind, but I'm debating posting that as backstory and in-depth personality breakdowns are somewhat spoilery by nature. 


Infodump ahoy! )


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Sah, I have an Otakon recap that has sat for over a week in-progress; not sure I need to write it up properly now given so much time has passed.  Suffice to say, it was good!  Hotel was surprisingly swank!  Food was delicious!  The Mews were awesome!  Amusing to note, I found myself using nonsense filler words for effect and emoting . . . the way I tend to around long-time friends.  So either they automatically slotted into that "I should have known you forever" space in my head or I was just that sleep-deprived.  XD They definitely got me unfiltered; it was like a four-day-long sleep over.

The other thing to shake out of Otakon is my inspiration.  I'd initially gone hoping to connect with the RotG fandom; I knew two other RotG authors at least were going, amongst other fans and cosplayers.  What actually happened is that . . .  I used up my bravery just introducing myself to the authors, and didn't have anything left over to manage an actual conversation with.  It was extremely awkward.  And I basically retreated immediately in both cases.  *sigh*  The more time goes by, the more I feel like I don't belong in the fandom any more, and it's not resonating with me as much.   There's still an active fandom, but I'm not on the right wavelength with them.  And that's okay.  They're not wrong.  But it's not what I'm interested in, it's not what I was writing.   I don't think anyone will care that much either way whether I write more for RotG or not.   I don't like to abandon things and I'll never say never, but right now, it's not happening.

What I did get a kick in the pants for is Odin's Children, as the Mews actually remembered and recognized it.  XD  That just . . .  I floundered for awhile, because - MY OCS.  THE TERRIBLE OLD ART WORK.  THEY REMEMBERED IT FONDLY.   They probably heard more than they wanted to about it for the rest of the con because that stirred up the old characters.   While I had Mr. Feather Mullet Schlagger on my brain the most at the con, Sabre has been the most talkative for me this week. 

So without further ado-

some writing~ )
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So, I have actually been trying to write lately!  Naturally, it's not actually the start of anything useful, oh no.  It's the backstory of the backstory for Odin's Children.  Also known as the most boring set-up ever for anyone who is not me.  This is mostly my sitting around and going "So, if I was setting up an experiment with 200 human test subjects for genetic engineering, how would I do it?"  (Use a vector virus with a high infection success rate.  Two locations, one control, one not.  Clean hallways, dirty hallways, gender-segregated dorms, isolation rooms for successful subjects, la la la la.) 

I drew diagrams, people.   I could probably write the protocol with a bit (a lot) more research.  And it's aaaaaaall in there, sort of.  I'm also totally bullshitting the names, because Onuris gets a much cooler moniker later on that fits my naming scheme (which is actually kind of apropos of nothing, but it sounds cool.)  The other character was initially named by someone else, and I forget what his full name was supposed to be, so I am just grasping at straws completely.

In other words, have some backstory! )


And this is just the set up before I totally whallop the ever-loving crap out of them.  Poor boys.  (If you're a main character, the smaller the odds, the greater the chances they apply to you.  Be genre-savvy!)


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