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I keep attempting to poke at this thing for my "I can't believe it's not Nano" - wherein the Nano is implied because any time I attempt to commit to something, that does horrible terrible no good things to my inspiration/ability to function.  I don't think I've fooled my brain, though, because this has been a stone-cold son of a bitch to actually get anything down for.   Instead I keep getting heaps and heaps of back story and details. 

So this is the kind of detail I keep getting.  *makes faces*  Elements are kind of a big thing here; not so much Avatar-ish, but it has a lot to do with how their magic works. A person might be anywhere on a spectrum between the four traditional points, with metal being the midpoint between earth and fire, lightning (energy) between fire and air, storm (weather) between air and water, and wood between water and earth.  Someone could reasonably expect to be the same alignment as the rest of their family.  Sarassa, while not being a magic-using country, still considers alignments the same way you’d think of a personality test or zodiac sign.


Rafael vs The Sea )


Foxfire vs Alignment )




Foxfire basically showed up and went  " I named myself after swamp gas!  This is how I roll."   So yes, word of warning that all the names are so bullshitted.  Especially the locations.  (It goes country - Sarassa, state/region - Ciant, city - Paracen.)  And even then I catch myself spelling them wrong so AHAHAHA internal consistency what internal consistency?  Sarassa is basically my fantasy Italy/Greece Mediterranean equivalent.  You want the history of Sarassa, I can give you that!  I can tell you what the city is like, how the three Watches of the Guard generally operate, how this poor bastard Rafe has generally spent any given year of his life. . .  ALL OF THAT.  Write you a coherent story involving the aftermath of foreign interests and prejudice intersecting with magic and mayhem, well, I'm afraid I'm fresh out.  Augh.

The story is supposed to be: Rafael's a stubborn, stiff-necked, ill-favored Lieutenant of the Night Watch!  Foxfire is a wastrel dilettante being pressed into service as an envoy from the magic-using country everyone hates and fears!  THEY FIGHT CRIME! (And stop wars.)


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