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This time, Foxfire goes under the microscope.  I threw in a few questions of my own at the end because this quiz feels a bit repetitive in some respects.  I think they're planning more on readers prompting rather than some idiot plowing through the whole list. XD;; 

Foxfire Five-Steps-From-the-Sun

Take two! )


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So I found the Excessively Detailed Headcanon Meme and set it aside as something I wanted to do eventually, and today, I tackled it for Rafe~  And suddenly I discovered, how many ways can I say "Prim, proper, somewhat anal retentive, with little to no life?"   I'm going to have to do Foxfire next just so that the comparison is blindingly obvious.  I feel like they repeat a lot more here than they could have; maybe I'll switch out some of the questions for things that are more exciting or cover fresh ground. XD

Rafael DeCrescenza:

In excruciating detail! ) 
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I posted this on tumblr awhile back and forgot about putting it here~  I haven't been working on writing at all lately, but I really should. -_-;  On the upside, I made a Rafe as my starter character for FF14, and there's hope that a Foxfire may follow sometime.  At the very least I'm having fun RPing Rafe, to the extent that FF14 is able.  (Rafe's a Wild Wood Elezen (read: elf), stupid tall, widows peak and all, resident of stiff-necked and divided Gridania.  He starts out wishing to be a Wood Wailer as an archer, but finds he does have a regrettable affinity for setting things on fire, so he seeks training as a mage in Ul'Dah, even though the corruption in that city makes his skin crawl.  Foxfire, when he joins the scene, is going to be an arcanist/summoner coming out of the cheerfully piratical and loose-moraled Limsa Lominsa.  Look, these things happen.)   And it does keep the characters fresh in my mind, even if I have to keep canon and RPG separate. . .

This is a wee chunk of canon backstory for Rafael from before the story begins, and is noteworthy for having been written on Twig and Lunar's couch when I visited Boston. :D  Old cities are good for writing old cities.


The Garrett )

(I love how I find errors whenever I reread things.  Augh.  Suffice to say I will deal with the wonky numbers at another time.  Names are, as always, bullshitted on the spot.  The fun thing is that Sarvan did not really exist before I started this, beyond the thought that Rafe's brother's in-laws are factors/distributors in the city, and that they're all pretty fiery lively people.  :D)


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