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For Twig, who is TwigCollins pretty much everywhere.  (She is an awesome and way more prolific writer than me.  I envy her ability to write epics because damn do I love me some epics.)  Originally posted on tumblr as follows!

For Twig’s request~  Grudgingly watching a meteor shower on a mountain peak, can do!  Probably more shippy than it should have been, considering Pitch is griping like a geriatric octogenarian stuck babysitting a twelve year old.  Err.  Sorry.  

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Open discussion thread for RotG fics, headcanons and plots!  This is mostly just so that anyone who doesn't have dreamwidth but would like to poke me or ask questions has somewhere to do so.  If someone needs/wants me to turn anonymous comments on, I can, but that usually just draws spam bots out of the woodwork.  I really use tumblr more these days, but their reply system makes holding a conversation nearly impossible.

So-  questions, comments?  Do I obviously prefer my Pitches in leather pants? (Because I apparently do.)  


Shadowplay 9, 13.5 pages; we decided not to split after all.  So the whole shebang is posted now!
Shadowplay 10 two weeks out, hopefully- this is going to be a Many Things Happen chapter with a lot of heavy lifting.  (Last one before epilogue!)

Song and Dance snippets - at least three bits to post~
Fearless 1, complete, waiting for a decent buffer before it starts going up!

(Telling myself not to work on oneshots/anything else for the meme until I get a good handle on what's on my plate! XD   Only so many long fics I can handle at once. . .   I am working on some standalone scenes to drop in between Taken and Fearless.  They need a proper title!) 


Feb. 2nd, 2013 11:02 pm
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Bits and pieces of RotG fic that I am working on-  I have not yet figured out what order I am tackling these things if at all, because I have to knock out Shadowplay entirely, too. 


Allegiance - Pitch/Jack - the MMORPG AU no one knew they wanted!  featuring Pitch and Jack as skype buddies and in-game frenemies. 


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How To Train Your Nightmare
- Gen-  because this was the first thing that came to mind when people suggest How To Train Your Dragon crossovers, not Hijack


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- don't look at me like that I have no idea what's going on - fearling!Pitch and host!Kozmotis symbiote headcanon


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Equinox - Gen - sequel to Midnight Sun - how to bring a Nightmare King into the Guardian fold, one orbit around the sun at a time.

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- Pitch/Jack - sequel to Taken -  the natural consequence of becoming too familiar with the incarnation of terror. 


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Somehow I ended up writing fic again!  For a very shiny kids movie, of all things.  I can't help it;  Rise of the Guardians has a disgruntled snarky bastard.  I am so very weak to those.  I challenged Flidget to find my fill on the anon meme, with a very specific set of cues. . . .
It took awhile.  But she got there in the end. XD
5:36 PM Oh God
  you wrote Pitch North buddycop fic
5:37 PM this was not predicted

And then, I made her beta it. XD   Thank you, Flidget.  If  the bunnies stop pestering me for a sequel, I might actually make the other two fics I'm working on gel together into something I can post.  *rubs hands together*  Without further ado: 

Midnight Sun

The one where Santa Claus and the Boogeyman take an accidental field trip to the Arctic in summer. Pitch wishes to fire his travel agent in the most literal sense. North thinks it's just like old times. Clearly this is all North's fault.

On the meme!
On AO3

. . . the sequel already has a title and three pages of battle plans notes.  *facepalm*


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