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I might have mentioned I was going to post about the Renfaire, so I suppose I shall get around to it presently, as I have nothing else better to do~ I did have this big old post on crack dreams prepped about a week or so ago, but my browser crashed and ate it- apparently autosaved drafts did nothing. Hnf. No one wanted to hear about Godzilla-ish dragons and grumpy veterans what ride them anyways. XD

So instead, I shall spam you with . . . quite a bit of pictures. Slow modems beware!
A story (mostly) in pictures )
This also brings me to my next point, and why I waited forever to post this anyways. . . while at the fair, I spotted something that was both awesome and familiar- ceramic horns on shoe-laces! I immediately remembered Flidget saying she'd had a pair of ceramic devil horns that she lost a long time ago, and so, a suitable pair of Pan's horns were found and acquired. Tempting though they were, Jens and I refrained from buying any for ourselves, because, for one they didn't have the shapes we wanted, and two- we figured we could do better with a package of Sculpey and some leather laces.

Something more on the order of seven packages later. . . Horns, anyone? )
. . . I think we got the hang of it. Anyone in the market for some awesome ceramic horns? XD

They're not all perfect by a long shot, as we especially have issues getting the little ones to stand evenly and not look "deet de dee" idiotic, but I think they all came out pretty well. ^^ (Of my lot, I nominate the unicorn horn as a best-selling gag gift. It's . . . so incredibly stupid, it truly must be used to harass the loser of a drunken bet. XD) I'm wondering if anyone would actually buy them, though. . . Or how I'd sell them if I did have that in mind. The nice thing is that it's just Sculpey- name a color, and it's probably viable, so customs are very possible.

And that's all I had in mind to harass you all with tonight~ I've actually got a mediafire account, so I have no excuse for not providing a music post, except that I have no idea what to share. -_-;;;


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